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Faculty Research

Tenure & tenure-Track Faculty

Joseph Armstrong Joseph E. Armstrong Floral Biology; Plant & Tropical Ecology
Victoria Borowcz Victoria Borowicz Ecology of Plant-Enemy Interactions
Rachel Bowden Rachel M. Bowden Maternal provisioning & immunity in reptiles
Diane Byers Diane L. Byers Evolutionary Ecology of Prairie Plants
Angelo Capparella

Angelo P. Capparella Avian Systematics/Biogeography/ Conservation, Wind Tubine Impacts on Bats, Central Illinois Herp Biogeography/Conservation

Joesph Casto Joseph M. Casto Hormonal control of phenotypic plasticity in birds
Marth Cook Martha E. Cook Evolution of Plants from Green Algae
Rebekka Darner Rebekka Darner Science Education
Kevin Edwards Kevin A. Edwards Drosophila Molecular Genetics
Paul Garris Paul Garris Dopamine Neurobiology - Emphasis on Parkinson's Disease & Drugs of Abuse
Craig Gatto Craig Gatto Active Transport of Ions Across Membranes
Tom Hammond Tom Hammond Molecular Genetics & Genomics of Fungi
Dr. Jay R. K. Jayaswal Molecular Genetic Analysis of Staphylococci and Listeria
Steven Juliano Steven A. Juliano Community Ecology of Mosquitoes
Alan Katz Alan J. Katz Mutagens in Drosophila
Viktor Kirik Viktor Kirik Cytoskeleton in Cell Division & Morphogensis
Erik Larson Erik Larson Genome Maintenance Pathways & Mutagenesis
Cynthia Moore Cynthia Moore Development of Active Learning Methods
Wade Nichols Wade Nichols Genetics of Virulence of Human Pathogens
Bill Perry William L. Perry Stream Ecology, Biogeochemistry, & Invasive Species
David Rubin David A. Rubin Bone Development/Growth Pathways
Ben Sadd Ben Sadd Host-parasite evolutionary ecology and ecological immunology in insects
Scott Sakaluk Scott K. Sakaluk Behavioral ecology of insects and birds
John Sedbrook John Sedbrook Molecular Genetics of Plant Structure for Biofuels
Wolfgang Stein Wolfgang Stein Sensorimotor Processing & Motor Pattern Generation
Laura Vogel Laura A. Vogel Aging & Immune Function in Mammals & Reptiles
Brian Wilkinson Brian J. Wilkinson Molecular Biology of Staphyylococcus and Listeria

research, adjunct and emeritus faculty

Roger Anderson Roger C. Anderson Savanna & Prairie Restorations & Invasive Plants
H Tak Cheung H. Tak Cheung Teaching Resources for Broader Audiences
Anne-Jatrin Eggert Anne-Katrin Eggert Evolution of Paternal Care In Burying Beetles
Edward Mockford Edward Mockford Systematics and Phylogeny of Insects
Nancy Nichols Nancy Nichols Development of new microbial strains for making fuels
Robert Preston Robert L. Preston Osmoregulation in Fish and Invertebrates
Dr Charles Thompson Charles F. Thompson Evolutionary, physiological, & behavioral ecology of birds
Chen Wang Chen Xu Wang Neuronal Death & Microvasculature Damage
David Weber David Weber Chromosome Engineering with Maize
Douglas Whitman Douglas Whitman Insect Behavior, Ecology and Physiology